Welcome to our series of lectures, each providing one hour of instruction. Viewing the lectures is free, but to take the quiz and receive a certificate of completion costs $9.99 Cdn (plus GST). Take advantage of our introductory pricing and get the 1st lecture at half price!

These lectures provide general tech information that would be useful for anyone in the real estate industry. Lecture notes are available for download on each of the course pages.

How this works

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  • You can not jump ahead in the video, you can only go back to review.
  • There are questions throughout the video that must be answered to ensure you are still watching.
  • At the end of the video an exam link will appear on the page below the video.
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Each of our courses qualifies as one hour of self directed learning as they:
1. Enhance your professional practice.
2. Are an hour long.
3. Are verifiable and auditable.

The Courses

Computer Tips and Tricks covers several concepts that will help you use your computer, phone and tablet more efficiently. NOW 1/2 PRICE!

Navigating Social Media looks at its explosion and suggests a number of ways you can use it to enhance your real estate business.

In Real Estate Photography we look at the changing world of real estate photography. We suggest a number of ways to improve your offerings as well as look at a number of examples.

In The Connected Home we look at the Internet of things (IoT) and how it allows us to control and monitor many of our household functions.

We look at the Top 5 Free Utilities that are available to help make your job easier, and to make your computer safer and more efficient.

In Google Suite of Products we discuss how using some or all of the products can enhance your business and personal communication.

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